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#1 2018-04-28 15:26:35

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Sapling Nerf & New Sapling/Skewer Tech

Saplings got a big nerf. We must now conserve skewers. Here's how they work now:

When you cut a wild sapling with a sharp stone, the stump used to regrow into a new sapling in 1 hour. The stump now despawns in 1 hour instead.

A skewer has the following free uses: Cook rabbit/goose, become home marker.

A skewer spends one usage point for the following actions: Till a hardened soil row, poke clay for nozzle. A wild skewer has twelve uses on average: 6 usage points at 50% chance to spend. It becomes a broken skewer on last use, then despawns after 4 minutes.

Skewers are also consumed when crafting arrows and knitting needles.

There is now a new (and very expensive) way to get new skewers. If you use a flint (or knife) on a sapling, you will get a sapling "cutting". You can pick off the cutting and keep flinting to get as many cuttings as you like. Cuttings are seeds. If you plant a cutting in tilled soil and water it, you will get a "domestic sapling." You can get further cuttings from this domestic sapling, and if you cut it down with a sharp stone you will get a "weak skewer." The domestic sapling stump despawns just like the wild one and cannot be renewed, so one soil is consumed for one weak skewer, which is extremely expensive.

The weak skewer is exactly like the normal skewer from a wild sapling except that it can only be used once for tilling or nozzle-making. Tilling with a weak skewer results in a broken skewer, and poking clay with a weak skewer consumes the skewer.

Gone are the days when it was trivial for everyone to make a home marker.

Troll-planting cuttings is now the most destructive way to grief farm soil, much worse than milkweed/wheat/berries. Offsetting this risk is that undisturbed wild saplings will be harder to find since most nearby saplings will have already been cut.

For strategy, I'd recommend getting off of skewer tilling as quickly as possible by crafting a stone hoe (long shaft, rope, sharp stone). Skewers are needed for high tech crafting for forge bellows nozzle, arrows for goose hunting, cooking the goose for oil for a file, and knitting needles for wool clothes. Plenty are also needed to craft enough arrows to deal with any bears harassing your village.


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